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Think positive, Work Positive, Result Positive. Sucess is a start of mind. If you want sucess, start thinking of yourself as a sucess.
A Place, Where Investment is Your Assets...
Welcome to GK Microfinance Foundation
In finance, a loan is the lending of money from one individual, organization or entity to another individual, organization or entity. A loan is a debt provided by an entity (organization or individual) to another entity at an interest rate...
Group Loan
Small group loans are provided to a group consisting of members who co-gurarantee each other. The loans can be used..
Personal Loan
Because the lender must rely solely on the borrower's willingness to repay the loan as agreed, credit scoring is extremely..
Mission and Vision
The Mission of GK Microfinance Foundation is to eradicate poverty by building a secure and transparent microfinance institution to provide financial...
A leading GK Microfinance Foundation known for its excellence in customer service. The society accepts deposits at attractive rates and extends credit at low rates of interest. Considering the progress and intrinsic strength. A Unique Business Family owned by our Members including: Management ,Employees and Members.